Kolink Multi Power Supply Adapter

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Kolink Multi Power Supply Adapter



The Kolink Dual / Multi Power Adapter is ideal for using multiple power supplies with only one mainboard. The small circuit board connects two power supplies, but an endless chain can also be formed. Thus, it is not only a powerful gaming PC with enough energy to supply, but can also provide huge mining rigs with the necessary power supplies. This is especially necessary with the special Mining Mainboards, which support up to 13 graphics cards.

The Kolink Dual / Multi Power Adapter at a glance
- Safely start another power supply
- Compact design for easy accommodation
- Parallel connection with unlimited power supply possible
- Perfect synchronization of power supplies

Because the stable board of the Kolink Dual / Multi power adapter does not heat up, it does not interfere with any other components and can be installed anywhere. Then the two power supply units, which are to be connected, must be connected. The installation is thus possible in under one minute. 

The Kolink Dual / Multi Power Adapter has two connectors. The 4-pin Molex connector is connected to the first power supply, which is also connected to the mainboard. The second power supply is plugged into the 24-pin ATX connector. Other power supplies are connected in the same way, already connected power supplies can start further power supplies, thus enabling an endless parallel connection. 

Technical details
Dimensions: 70 x 15 x 30 mm (W x H x D)
Connectors: 4-pin Molex, 24-pin ATX

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