JunPus High-Performance Thermal Pad 6W/mK (50x50mm) - 1.5 mm

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JunPus High-Performance Thermal Pad 6W/mK (50x50mm) - 1.5 mm

The thermal pad of JunPus provide for many applications a real alternative to traditional thermal compounds dar. This offer Themal pads several advantages over liquid or viscous materials. This allows the pads easy to cut yourself on the required size , the uncertainty in the application of paste or smearing during the wall strike thus be omitted. 

In addition, the JunPus pads are self-adhesive and easy to keep themselves usually beginning at the pre-assigned position.



Of course, can not be dispensed with entirely , fixing in another assembly operation , finally to a heat source , thermal pad and heatsink (or the heat dissipation surface ) occur in large-area contact as possible to ensure optimal heat transfer. Here, too, comes JunPus the user maximum opposed by the 50 x 50 mm , blue pads in various strengths are available , the version offered here is 1.5 mm thick. Moreover, the material is comfortable flexible and adaptable , which makes it can be used in many places .

To mention some examples : the case of RAM - water coolers , alternative graphics card coolers , chipset coolers and many other components where it matters, effectively dissipate waste heat (eg to cooling fins , heat pipes , radiators, heat sinks , etc.). Since the JunPus - thermal pads do not conduct electricity , the fantasy of most electronic components are hardly any limits . On the other hand let the pads with a high thermal conductivity of 6.0 W / mK as some thermal paste look old.

Note: The application is at your own risk ! Caseking assumes no liability for damage caused by improper use or use in unsuitable application fields. A sufficiently high heat transfer should be carefully checked after installation!

Technical details :

    Dimensions: 50 x 50 mm (W x H)
    Thickness: 1.5 mm
    Color: Blue
    Thermal conductivity: 6.0 W / mK
    Shelf life : 5 years


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