Alpenfoehn Silvretta

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Alpenfoehn Silvretta


Alpenföhn® Silvretta – small CPU cooler for Mini-ITX/Micro ATX

At a total height of only 45mm this low profile cooler is the best choice for any Intel/AMD based HTPC as well as Small Form Factor systems.




  • Low Profile of only 45mm
  • Compatibility with PCIe VGA cards on mini-ITX boards
  • 3 Highend Heatpipes
  • Super slim PWM fan
  • Screw mounting for Intel/AMD


Low Profile of only 45mm:

Due to a low profile of only 45 mm this heatsink is perfect for use in compact HTPC as well as Small Form Factor cases.


Compatibility with PCIe VGA cards on mini-ITX boards:

On most mini-ITX boards the PCIe slot is very close to the Keep-free area of the processor. While larger heatsinks interfere with this PCIe slot, Silvretta provides full compatibility with the PCIe Slot.


Highend heatpipes:

3 Highend heatpipes offer a large connection area to the soldered aluminum fins for a better heat conduction.


Super Slim PWM fan:

The assembled super slim fan supports the PWM function with a range between 800 and 2.800 rpm.


Screw mounting for Intel/AMD:

The screw mounting system for Intel/AMD offers best compatibility to mini-ITX motherboards as well as safe installation of the heatsink.


Compatible with:

Intel max. 95W Socket 115x (Skylake compatible) und 775

AMD max. 95W Socket AM3(+), AM3, AM2(+), AM2, FM1/FM2

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