Gizmo Internet Cafe Management Platform

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What is Gizmo?

Gizmo Application Management Platform is a software package targeted to shared/public access computer providers such as Internet Cafés, Gaming Centers, Libraries or Hotels, with an easy setup and wide range of features.

Gizmo incorporates into any existing user management solution and adds a ton more features designed both to facilitate and impress your customers. It makes running your business a lot easier by changing the way you manage your terminals, software installations and maintenance in general, making all those tedious daily management routines a simple task.

Gizmo provides end users with a faster, easier access to applications and their latest updates. Moreover, end users have access to many application related features that will improve their overall user experience.

Please take a look at some of the features of GAMP:

Business Owners:

  • Easy Application Deployment and Maintenance
  • System Management and Automation
  • Application License Management
  • Application Usage Statistics
  • Skinning/Theming Support

End Users:

  • Automated User Profile Personalization (Saves/Settings/State)
  • Secure Personal User Storage
  • Roaming User Profiles with custom folders redirection
  • Custom User Interface (Gizmo Shell)
  • Multimedia Support (Media Browser/Media Player)

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