TrekStor 2200mAh Power Bank

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TrekStor 2200mAh Power Bank

Power-Bank 2200

Portable USB replacement battery for devices that are charged via USB

With the Power-Bank empty batteries of mobile devices are a thing of the past. Equipped with a powerful Li-Ion battery, the small bundle of energy provides smartphones, tablets, portable game consoles, MP3 player and much more that are charged via USB with new power. 

The Power-Bank brings weak batteries via USB charging cable back on the road. An LED indicator shows the remaining battery capacity of the replacement battery. So the 2200 mAh device has a red and four blue LEDs that indicate through glowing when you turn on the power button how full the battery still is. The less blue lamps glow, the less energy is available. The illumination of a red LED indicates that the PowerBank has less than 10 % power and should be recharged. 

The replacement battery itself is is also charged via the included USB cable (USB A to Micro-USB). This can be done via the interface on the PC or notebook but alternatively also via an USB socket adapter such as the USB-Charger e.fx. This adapter is optionally available.


Interface 1 x Micro-USB connector (female), 1 x USB connector (female)
Color White
Dimensions (W x H x D) 75 mm x 33 mm x 24 mm
Weight approx. 72 g (only the device without accessories)
Type of housing Plastic
LED indicator Yes
Capacity of battery 2200 mAh (at 3.7 V)

Other characteristics

Power supply Input: DC 5 V / 600 mA, Output: DC 5.0 V / 600 mA
Package contents Power-Bank 2200, Hi-Speed USB 2.0 cable (USB-A / Micro-USB), Operating instructions


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TrekStor 2200mAh Power Bank
20,00€ 8,00€